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Lynx VTOL Drone

Industry-leading VTOL performance.

Lynx VTOL drone hovering

Lynx VTOL is a vertical takeoff and landing VTOL drone for mapping that combines the ease-of-use of a multicopter with a long two hour endurance. 

Lynx VTOL drone comparison

Feature Overview

Lynx VTOL drone features

  • Composite airframe: Sleek and durable composite airframe. Made in the USA from carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass. Key attachment points makes the aircraft quick to assemble and compact for transport.
  • 2 hour endurance: A highly optimized all-electric propulsion setup is quiet and stays airborne for two hours with payload.
  • PPK integrated: Featuring a robust and accurate GPS receiver with PPK option.
  • Modular payloads: A dedicated payload bay supports the best mapping cameras available and custom integration.
  • Vertical takeoff and landing: Fly from anywhere with autonomous VTOL capability.

Vertical Takeoff and Landing VTOL Drone

The Lynx VTOL drone takes off autonomously with the touch of a button. Four dedicated motors lift the aircraft vertically to a predetermined height. Once at altitude, a single high-efficiency motor propels the aircraft forward to fly as an airplane.

For landing, Lynx VTOL comes to a stop midair and descends vertically to its landing spot. VTOL landings are predictable and accurate to within two meters.

Lynx VTOL drone takeoff diagram

(1) Four motors lift the aircraft vertically. (2) At altitude, a single high-efficiency motor propels the aircraft forward.

The aircraft is a hybrid design with separate motors for vertical and forward thrust. This setup is advantageous over other VTOL configurations because the propulsion setup is optimized without compromising efficiency.

Vertical takeoff and landing greatly increases where you can fly from. It also eliminates damage to the aircraft from hand-launch mishaps and rough landing methods.

GPS and PPK (Post-Processed Kinematics)

Lynx VTOL comes standard with a high performance, dual frequency GPS that provides accurate and robust positioning data. With optional PPK, it is possible to obtain centimeter-level precision on the ground from aerial mapping. Horizontal (XY) and vertical (Z) mapping accuracies are achievable down to 3.6 cm RMSE with PPK.

Mapping using Lynx VTOL with PPK is significantly faster and cheaper compared to traditional survey methods. PPK eliminates the need for Ground Control Points or a real-time data link to the drone.

The PPK option requires no hardware changes to the drone and can be activated when you need it. Horizontal (XY) and vertical (Z) mapping accuracies are achievable down to 3.6 cm RMSE with PPK.

Intuitive Controls with Swift GCS

The mission planning software is the main interface between the user and Lynx VTOL. Swift GCS provides simple and intuitive planning in combination with advanced functionality for experienced users. New users are guided through the flying process via the built-in checklist and preflight steps.

Swift GCS

Lynx VTOL Drone Payloads

A modular payload bay sits beneath the wing allowing users to fly the best cameras available. Three camera options are currently offered with custom payloads supported as well.

  • Sony a6000 24 MP RGB APS-C sensor
  • MicaSense RedEdge-MX multispectral 5 band (RGB, RE, NIR)
  • EO/IR 2 axis live video zoom gimbal (under development)
Lynx VTOL payloads

Example Mapping Resolution

Sony a6000 from 90 m (300 ft)1.76 cm/px with 24 MP flying at 90 m AGL (300 ft)
Sony a6000 from 120 m (400 ft)2.34 cm/px with 24 MP flying at 120 m AGL (400 ft)
MicaSense RedEdge-MX from from 90 m (300 ft)6.14 cm/px with RedEdge flying at 90m AGL (300 ft)
MicaSense RedEdge-MX from 120 m (400 ft)8.0 cm/px with RedEdge flying at 120 m AGL (400 ft)

Cover More Ground with Lynx VTOL Drone

In one flight, Lynx VTOL can map 2-3 times more than a competing VTOL or conventional fixed-wing drone and approximately 15 times than multicopter drones.

multicopter vs. airplane

Aerial Data

Photos captured by Lynx VTOL create a wide range of GIS content, including: point clouds, orthomosaics, 3D reconstruction, and multispectral data. Applications include elevation maps, isolines, planimetrics, water flow analysis, simulations, augmented reality, and crops health monitoring. Geo-referenced imagery from Lynx VTOL is compatible with common photogrammetric software such as Pix4D and Agisoft Metashape.

Mapping data examples

Easy Transport

Lynx VTOL features a clip-on tail and removable three-piece wing for easy transport and rapid assembly. The entire system packs down into one airline checkable case that fits within the trunk of a car.

The flight batteries are non-dangerous goods (DG) and can be shipped worldwide with greater ease than batteries required by multicopters or larger systems.

Lynx VTOL drone assembled

Lynx VTOL Drone Technical Specs

Lynx VTOL drone flying

Max Weight4.5 kg
Wingspan2.3 m
Flight Time120 minutes
Cruise Speed17 m/s
GNSSGPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, L1/L2, PPK
PayloadsSony 24 MP APS-C RGB, Micasense RedEdge-M/X, ISR Gimbal (under dev.)
Transport CaseSKB 4213-12 Waterproof Case, 1.14 x 0.40 x 0.33 m

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Lynx VTOL Specs 201910
Lynx VTOL Specs 201910

Documentation & User Manual

Lynx VTOL User Manual